Inspirations of Nature

The beauty of nature is all around us—in flowers by the sidewalk, trees of all varieties in the forest and animals making their home in the nearby vegetation. Sometimes life is busy and we do not take enough time to stop and go outside, to enjoy the everyday happenings of changing seasons. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because I love welcoming new life—singing birds, bright flowers and days filled with abundant sunshine.

I just spent a weekend camping at the beach. Despite the threat of rattle snakes (which I was very thankful to not see any since they are my number one fear), I enjoyed a relaxing time in nature with some of my best friends. It was the best of both worlds—camping amongst trees and flowers, but only a few hundred feet from the ocean.

Being springtime, flowers were blooming everywhere. Even on our 300 foot walk to the beach, I noticed such a variety, that I couldn’t help but snap a few photos. I even discovered a heart shaped leaf… which now I realize may not be so heart-shaped. But at the time, it’s what my eyes saw.

I have always loved the ocean. I enjoy closing my eyes and taking deep breaths of the salty air while listening to the rhythmic waves crashing against the shore—the song of the ocean. It inspires me to create my own songs. I could stay there silent for hours, feeling the sand between my hands or watching the sun sparkle on the water (hoping, of course, for dolphin sightings). It’s a place to me that is more calming and inspiring than I can describe. I can literally never get enough.

I believe that my love for music and art is inspired and influenced by the outdoors. The colors in nature make me want to capture them in pictures and produce a product that others can enjoy. I enjoy taking my time walking through paths or trails. I don’t want to miss a butterfly landing on a flower or a bird protecting their nest. My love for nature is not just an appreciation. It’s truly an inspiration to re-create something that mimics that which is so beautiful and special. Enjoying the powerful waves or plants of the forest is something that I simply cannot contain within my heart. I must share it with whoever I can.

I hope that by sharing my inspirations I will help others to see the beauty in life and in nature. I take pictures not solely to remember a moment, but to share with the world. My blog posts are usually filled with photographs so that I can share just a bit more of my experience.

I encourage you to find where you feel the most inspired with nature. Perhaps it’s the mountains or powerful waterfalls that fill your heart with joy. Embrace those inspirations are something necessary in your life. If you do not know your place in nature yet, go outside more. Travel whenever you can. Do not always go to the same places; go somewhere new and try a different experience. When you find your “happy place,” hold it in your heart wherever you go. Let it inspire you and encourage you to create.

Have ideas on how to increase inspiration and creativity in your life or just want to share a story? Please feel free to comment below or e-mail me. I would love to hear from you!