Choosing a Favorite Color

So what’s your favorite color? Whether that question seems childish, boring or redundant, it’s a question that can tell something about us. It’s also a question that stressed me out when I was younger because yes, let’s be real, how do you choose?! I have always loved blue and green, but I felt forced to pick one. Since I liked more shades of green, I decided to go with that. Truth is I still love blue and green equally. 


The funny thing is, you know what color people might think? Red. I have a red car so it’s pretty visible. I have a red rain jacket, a red winter jacket, red boots… yes, I enjoy red. But red does not make me feel the same that green or blue does. I do not choose red as my first color when creating something. I appreciate many colors—red is just another one of those colors.

Color is all around us. I am privileged to be able to see, and to be able to see colors. I love bright colors. I love staring at bright blue water, tall green trees, puffy white clouds amidst baby blue skies, fresh spring flowers… it brings inspiration and happiness to me. I want all the colors to invade my experiences and my senses.

I was enjoying time on my porch this evening when I realized that green does indeed mean a lot to me. It appeals to me not just as a color swatch in a paint store; it appeals to my soul as a meaning of growth and life. Surrounded by the summer plants on my porch, I feel happy. I feel at peace.

Green is the color of freshly cut blades of grass beneath my toes. It is the color of sharp needles of tall pines. It is the color of soft moss in the forest. It is the color of fresh leaves in the springtime. It is the color of flower stems. It is a sign of new life, of supporting life, of everlasting life.

Are you ready for blue? It is the color of clear skies. It is the color of what I refer to as “the most beautiful water.” It is a sign of tranquility, of stillness and yet of constant movement. It is expansive and filling.

Green and blue combine to demonstrate the existence of nature. The waves of the ocean along with swaying palm trees… the foliage of the mountains overlooking the lakes… this is what fuels my imagination and ignites my soul. So perhaps while choosing a favorite color years ago seemed so rudimentary, there actually was some sort of reason behind my decision. I did not quite think about it then, but my favorite colors are the colors of the outdoors... where my being is satisfied. Be still my heart. May green and blue always be my favorites.